Information for foreign dentists

The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT) is the professional association for dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists in the Netherlands

We are the voice of 10.000 dentists and dental students and we support our members in every step of their professional lives. Since 1914, we influence Dutch governments, promote standards for dentistry and provide a highly differentiated mix of support and services. And we want the best oral care for Dutch dental patients. Join us!

Register yourself here or get in touch with KNMT Membership Services (Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM) at tel. +31 30-607 6380 or e-mail

Dependable partner

We provide collective representation of the profession in its dealings with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate and health insurers. We lobby on legislation affecting dentists. Also in Europe. We promote policies which benefit dental practice and dental care, and aim for higher standards.  We publish the Nederlands Tandartsenblad (the Dutch Dental Magazine) and promote the role of evidence-based dental care. Our expert opinion is often cited in the media.

Support in every stage of your career

We offer services and support, based on your wishes and needs at every point in your career.

The KNMT is owned and run by its members. We are a not-for-profit organisation – our income is reinvested for the benefit of the profession.

Membership fees

The membership fee for 2016 is € 1,555 for general dental practitioners and € 1,943 for dental specialists. Senior members (65 years and over) pay € 45. Additional fees apply for an obligatory membership of your regional department. However, If you have qualified as a dentist inside or outside the EER (EU), and you register yourself as a KNMT member within 5 months after your BIG registration, you can get a discount and use the KNMT startersfee for 4 years.

Also, you are legally obliged to organize a complaints procedure. The KNMT complaints procedure module is automatically added to your membership. If you do not need this addition, please make this clear when registering.

IQual is the study program for KNMT members. With collegues and experts in your region, you talk on a regular basis about developments in oral healthcare (like diabetes, addictions, patient security, child abuse etc.) and personal dilemma's and experiences. Besides that, it's fun, you earn your KRT credits, you will get to know Dutch collegues and practise your Dutch. The first year, you pay € 335 incl.a starttraining. After that, you pay €155 per year.

Questions? Call our Membership Services

If you are considering becoming a member and you have questions, please get in touch with KNMT Membership Services. KNMT Membership Services are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM: please call +31 30-607 6380 or send an e-mail.