buitenlandse tandartsen

To be permitted to work as a dentist in the Netherlands you are legally bound to be able to speak Dutch. To whom does this rule apply and how does it work?

After you have your registration in the BIG register, you are finally ready to start working as a dentist in the Netherlands. Why not let us help you to a good start of your career here?

The KNMT, the Royal Dutch Dental Association, is the professional association for dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists in the Netherlands. We bring together over 10,000 members with a tremendous pool of knowledge, quality, experience, and ambition. 

The KNMT, the Royal Dutch Dental Association, is the professional body for dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. We have been setting the standard for oral care in the Netherlands for over a century. We work to create optimal conditions for our over 10,000 members to perform their work. Of course we also want the best oral care for their patients.

Are you a dentist from the EU or the European Economic Area and considering coming to the Netherlands? Then there will be a lot of things to arrange before you can embark on your adventure as an expat dentist. As the largest association in the Netherlands for oral care professionals, the KNMT would like to offer you a helping hand.

14 juni 2016

Wie als buitenlandse tandarts in Nederland komt werken, gaat natuurlijk Nederlands leren. Daarbij hoort ook dat ze zich specifieke mondzorgterminologie eigen maken. DPA Dentistry, een arbeidsbemiddelingsbureau voor tandartsen en praktijkhouders, en Dutch in Dialogue, een trainingsbureau voor Nederlandse taal en cultuur voor medisch professionals, hebben daarvoor handige woordenlijsten opgesteld.

At the KNMT we are glad to be of service to non-Dutch dentists that aspire to work in the Netherlands. Here is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions by dentists that have had their training outside the Netherlands.

The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT) is the professional association for dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists in the Netherlands.

If you wish to work as a dentist in the Netherlands, there are a number of requirements you will have to fulfill. These range from a command of the Dutch language to having acquired legal permits and meeting regulations. We list them below.