Becoming a member

The KNMT brings together over 8000 members with a tremendous pool of knowledge, quality, experience, and ambition. For over a century it has been committed to dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists and their patients. Dentists and dental specialists can count on the KNMT from the moment they join the profession to after they retire. So join us!

Why become a member of the KNMT?

  • Receive information on new laws, existing legislation, regulations, and guidelines: we will keep you informed and help you implement them
  • Strength through unity: as the largest professional association, we are the strongest promoter of your interests
  • Never miss an update concerning oral care by following, our e-mail newsletters, social media channels, and the Nt (Netherlands Dentistry Journal)
  • Stay current with professional developments through refresher training, further training and inspections
  • The KNMT Complaints Service provides support in dealing with complaints and a buddy to assist for those who want one.
  • Get support for your communication with patients via, the TIP helpline and the KNMT Practice websites
  • Enjoy discounts on insurance, and receive tax advice and help with accounting: your membership will pay for itself

Not convinced yet?

After the first three years of your registration with the BIG Register, you can use the advantageous starter membership.

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Are you a dentistry student in the Netherlands? If so, we can offer you our free student membership.

More information

Do you want more information or do you have questions about your specific situation? Please don’t hesitate to contact our KNMT Members Service: by email, Skype or telephone +31 (0)30 607 63 80.